1. Name the first great leader of the Mongols in the beginning of 13th century. (1) Extra credit (1): what was his title as a leader?
Chinggis Khan. Khagan
2. What was his name during young years? (1)
3. True or false: Mongols skillfully rode huge mighty horses. (1)
False: small, pony
4. Name the most powerful Mongolian weapon (1)
5. Mongols allowed local government to continue ruling in most countries except … (1)
6. Who was elected as the next leader after Chinggis Knan’s death? (1)
His 3rd son, Ogedei
7. In what battle Russia defeated the Golden Horde in 1380? (1)
the Battle of Kulikova
8. True or false: Mongols were ultimately hostile to other religions and belief systems. (1)
False: tolerant
9. Name the era in Chinese history, when the country was ruled by Mongols. (1)
Yuan period
10. Name one of the advantages brought by Mongolian rule (1)
Pax Mongolica, reopened trade routes, introduction of gunpowder, uniting of Russia.